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Common questions about what it's like to do a Boudoir Photo shoot.

Even today, women feel embarrassed or afraid to do a sensual/boudoir Photo shoot, due to body exposure, or what my work friend will think. First, I understand this concern and I feel it sometimes, but who imposes this on us? We have to do the Photo shoot for ourselves, so that we can see ourselves in a way never seen before, really see our best version. Breaking these societal ties is difficult, but not impossible. I Ariane Gorib will show you the benefits of a feminine/sensual or boudoir shoot, and show you the aspects of this shoot, and that you don't need to be afraid, it will only have rewards.

Every woman must go through a production experience, makeup, a special treatment for that big day, feel unique, because today you are the protagonist of this story. I work in a way that you feel comfortable and special. In the first contact, the style of the rehearsal is defined, whether it will be sensual, in the studio/location or external and if you have an idea of ​​what you want to go through in the rehearsal. Sometimes they already know what they want, sometimes they don't, and this is very common. The photographer should give you a path and show you references of a style that you most identify with, from that I create a special presentation with references and what will be used in the test, and what you can bring to the test. We have a special wardrobe, and I also do the stylist on the day. I studied fashion production, and I have many references to times and trends.

1.Do I need to go produced?
It depends on whether you chose a package with production or not, if you don't have production, I recommend coming with makeup that enhances your beauty, with more neutral colors, like brown or gold, but everything is valid for the game. But everything is talked about before the rehearsal, and the clothes that will be combined.
If it is with production, I work with competent partners, who will highlight its beauty even more. While the makeup is on, I organize the clothes we are going to wear, from lingerie, shoes and the availability of the studio or location scene.

2. How long does a rehearsal last? Usually from 1:30 am to 2:30 am, not counting production. Everyone has a different process in photos, there are people who need more time to let go and our rehearsals are not timed, let's take your time.
3. Can I drink something alcoholic to loosen up? Yes, you can, and it also serves to compose the essay, but of course in moderation, I indicate a cup at most. 4. I don't know how to model now what? Don't worry about it, here I do all the cinematography. We create a comfortable environment for you to feel very good, I put on music that inspires you, and I expect a lot of laughter, and we give you tips on how body expression works.
5. If I don't like any part of my body? We highlight what you like and hide what you don't like, we can do this with lighting, poses and editing, we work based on your expectations. We do a personalized test that shows your best version.
6. Are the photos edited? Yes, all chosen photos are edited, but make it clear what you would like to edit. Here the photos are chosen by you in an online gallery and protected with the right to a private message letting you know what you would like to edit in your photo.
7. How are the photographs delivered? Photos are currently delivered via a link in the cloud, and you may also have the option of delivering them printed in a Photobook or Magazine personalized with our brand.

8. What is the difference between a sensual shoot and a boudoir shoot?
The sensual photo shoot can be anywhere, studio, locations or outdoor photo shoot, being with lingerie or clothes with transparency, more sensual clothes, or using your body expression and look making the shoot more HOT.
The Boudoir photo shoot is more specific. They are rehearsals done in a room, usually in lingerie. Boudoir comes from the Victorian era and referred to a woman's private room. The term derives from the French verb bouder (to sulk or pout (to swell or protrude the lip) or from the adjective boudeur (to sulk).
The room was originally a space for sulking. In other words, used to relax, the noble women who used to have access to the Boudoir to feel free to comb their hair, put on lotions, shower, dress, embroider and etc., have their moment alone so that they could have a possible rest. In other periods this room was also used to spend time with your romantic partner.
But only upper-class women had access to this room, which was more common in the United States. More about Boudoir visit:

9. Do I need to do the Photo shoot only in lingerie?
The answer is no. Sensuality speaks much more about body expression, and facial expression. You must be wondering but I don't know either lol. As I said before, everything is very well explained and directed on the day of the shoot so that you are also relaxed, but we are going to work on the delicacy of your body, I usually say that everyone on the day of the shoot has to have the dexterity of a ballerina and the seduction of a mermaid.

I hope this information was very useful for you, if you have questions leave a message.

2023 | Ariane Gorib Photography - NJ

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