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Who is the sensual Photo Shoot for?

The sensual Photo Shoot or Boudoir, already comes with a psychological aspect, often in acceptance of your body, or a new phase of your life, for people who have gone through weight loss, divorce, or acceptance. The photo shoot plays the role of renewal, just like when we cut our hair to pass the phase.

Most women who do a shoot whether they are sensual provocative or not, chose to pass, and meet the other assertive and self-confident woman on the other side of the picture. Often we as powerful regain the feminine self.

There are several styles of Sensual Photo Shoot without exposure.

It is often said that the ones without exposure of their body are well elaborated because we dare a lot of the imagination and looks, the proximity of the sender photographed with the receiver has to bring aesthetics.

Below are examples of styles of Photo Shoot:


Pin up
Elegancy - dramatic light
Bridal Boudoir
Which style do you identify with the most?
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