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I bought my first camera in 2012, and then I started photographing friends, places like any beginner photographer, but in the same year, I already did my first job, and I grew up, entering this universe, and when I took over, I was already working most of the weekends. So I decided to go to photography college and learn more about this story, I got a job to pay for my course at a renowned photography shop in the city, there I wasn't a photographer, but I made wedding invitations, personalized them, assisted the brides, this job basically I only paid for my course, but that was already important. In college I discovered that I loved photographing women, and I discovered that as my artistic side. I decided to be autonomous, and have my own company and work on my own. I photographed children, birthdays and newborns for some time, I was able to work in two production companies, and improve this knowledge. In mid-2017, I joined a wedding production company, without knowing much, I immersed myself in this area body and soul, I was able to complete my schedule with weddings every weekend in 1 year, I really don't know how many weddings I've done in life, or how many couples have passed through my lens. In 2021, many things happened, I decided to open a  studio, I did some tests, which were very satisfactory, but I had to give up my space, because I decided to make another choice in my life. In the meantime I managed to fit in a job at a jewelry company, as a photographer and there I improved my knowledge of Still photography and marketing. I worked within the e-commerce of a company and that was a great learning experience. in 2022, I came to live   in New Jersey in the USA with my husband, here I decided to photograph what I specialize in, women's / pregnant women's rehearsals and weddings. Summing up a little bit of my trajectory. It's your life? I would like to be a part of it, and somehow help you feel better than you did yesterday.

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