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What is Boudoir photography?

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

The word boudoir has French origin, meaning those beautiful rooms where aristocrats arrived to rest, and their beauty sleep, to have their hobbies like embroidery, or even intimate. Who doesn't want an elegant Victorian-style leisure room. They tend to focus on Renaissance and French style. In the 20th century it was marked as the first boudoir photographs of sex symbol actresses. Photo shoots place in hotels, or in the studio, with the passage of time, photography adjustments were made and we soon migrated to a theme. The photos are usually sexual of women (and are sexually assumed to be of men and couples). But the arrival of female empowerment and with my shoots, I with woman always stance on the sensuality in the woman's gaze, her as the main figure in the photo, of a woman with a new version, healing me that no longer exists and doing with what she sees the best part of her, and shows that that power still exists. The most common thing about contemporary boudoir photography is to take variations of photos, some spontaneous with lingerie, nude, or even fully covered, because I always tell my costumers that sensuality is in the eyes, you have to see the camera. Nudity is more often implied than expressed. Also popularized bi bridal market to introduce their future husbands on their wedding day or before. Estimation of great women, boyfriends or girlfriends if you go through big changes, and big if you go through big changes, and big if you go through big changes, like an inspiration, valentine's day, an experience with a great professional.

This Photo shoot behind the feminine essence. Sometimes we feel tired for so much things daily, It's amazing to rescue the sensuality and femininity that you thought you had lost. The Boudoir Photo shoot is more than just shoots, is your power and your contact yourself, just try it.

Fotografia que fiz no primeiro estúdio que tive o ano passado, mas infelizmente fechei, porque me mudei para os EUA.
Photo: Ariane Gorib Model - Vic

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